Friday, March 18, 2011

Upcoming Zoya Promo

Zoya has been mentioning an upcoming "big" promo for weeks now. They haven't said when it will happen or what the deal is, which just builds the anticipation more! I'm very excited to hear what the promo is because they usually have great deals (but slow sites during!).

I wanted to let you guys know of this beforehand because the promo only pertains to people WITH ACCOUNTS. You must have an account by Sunday March 20th 5 PM EST to qualify to participate. If you have made an order with Zoya (even during their free polish deals), then you already have an account. If you haven't, I definitely recommend making one. It's free and if you do end up liking the promo (whatever it is), then you will be happy you did!

Are you excited for the Zoya Promo? What do you think it is?


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