Saturday, May 30, 2009

Yum and Yuck #1

HI LOVELIES! I know I've been neglecting this blog and I'm SORRYYY =]

So I've been inspired to post based on this picture I found on Emily Noel's blogspot (

I don't know what it is about the picture but I love it =]

So...the point of the post...I know many blogs do "In and Out", "Love and Hate"...I'm going to be original and go with "Yum and Yuck"...

1. My birthday- the most amazing day i've had in a very long time
2. Max Factor 2000 calorie mascara- absolute love. everything I could ever love in a mascara and more!
3. Jordana Fabu Liner in black- so easy to use! (and you guys know how much I love my black eyeliner)
4. Urban Decay 24/7 in black- amazing for waterline
5. Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush in Spring Fling- very unusual and very yummy =]

1. Maybeline Dream Liquid Mousse- broke me out and doesn't last...sigh =\

Friday, May 8, 2009

Some Favorites

I am sitting here at work with NOTHING to I might as well update this bad boy! lol

I've been having some obsessions lately 0=]

Leggings (let's ignore that that's a MAN hah):

leggings have been perfect for this nice (but rainy) 60 degree NY weather. I'm tired of jeans so these make me happy.

This shirt:

Yes. I am late on the plaid bandwaggon...that's ok =] It's not QUITE long enough for leggings (as my backside is barely covered) but I'll figure it out =]

Rimmel's "Airy Fairy":

This is SUCH a gorgeous neutral color and a tad lighter (and sparklier) than my lips. GREAT for an everyday lip =]

ANDDD I have saved the BEST for LAST:

*drumrollllll* (yes i'm lame =] )

GOSH "Darling"!!

I DID order this from the UK. haha. But no regrets =] It IS that light and nude. I compared it to "Myth" by MAC and it's LIGHTER...and pinkier =]. I put on one layer of this or else it's wayyy crazy. But it is my love =]
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