Sunday, March 13, 2011

Handwriting Tag

I was tagged by Jeweled Thumb to do the Handwriting Tag! I think this is a cute and original idea for a tag, and defitnetly something non-beauty related. I don't really like my handwriting too much. I write in cursive and always wondered how people that write in print could do it quickly and neatly. If I write quickly (such as for class), sheesh it's a mess lol.


1. What is your name? And your blog?
2. What's your blog URL?
3. Write: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
4. Favorite quote.
5. Favorite song?
6. Favorite band/singers?
7. Say anything you want.
8. Pass this along to a few bloggers.

I tag:

Nouveau Cheap
A Lady In Love
and anyone else that wants to do this tag!

How do you like your handwriting? If you do this tag, let me know!


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