Thursday, August 20, 2009

Nutiva Hempshake

In my previous post, I said that I wanted to aspire to a healthier lifestyle. I had tried this product a few months ago and liked it. The product mentioned, as the title states, is Nutiva's Hempshake.

Excuse the crappy quality of my blackberry =]

I ordered it in 3 flavors- Amazon Acai, Chocolate, Berry Pomegranate- off the Nutiva Website

I have heard instances where it has made people people lose like 10 lbs in a week. Unfortunately, I was not organized enough to record its effects. I can see why though. It is basically a meal replacement. If you are hungry, drink it and it satisfies your appetite.

I didn't chose this as some miracle diet pill. It is filled with nutrients such as protein, iron, and fiber. Also,the hemp plant is filled with benefits too.

This product will be tried for a week where I will track my weight and see what happens. I'll then make a review video on my Youtube.
I also received a sample, which surprised me (in a nice way lol)

It's Hemp Protein, which is one of the main ingredients in the Hemp Shake. From what I googled, you can add it to your drinks for added nutrient goodness.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Feeling Motivated

Those of you that are subscriber of my YouTube (My Channel Link), I am temporarily without my Macbook because of my own accident. I spilled milk on my macbook and it is now not turning on. I've done this with water and it took 3 days for it to dry and turn on. It's been 1.5 days now. So I am literally crying over spilled milk here =] So I am on my work computer.

Anyway, so I was on vacation in the Dominican Republic and came back a few days ago. It was gorgeous there and so relaxing. Exactly what I needed. And I came back motivated to "improve" my life.

1. I want to lose weight. Not some radical diet and intense workout because this will only discourage me. I want to aspire to a healty lifestyle.

2. Spend less. Hi my name is Yuliya and I'm a shopoholic. Looking at my bank account and shopping habits depresses me. I'm at the point where I shop and am no longer happy about purchases, but guilty. I have put myself on a $20 a week shopping budget. That's enough for me and will give me time to appreciate what I have and save money.

3. Be less stressed. My sleeping schedule in DR consisted of going to sleep at 11 pm. I like this and it makes me feel much better than the usual 3 am.

Glad to be back to blogger, but missing YouTube =\
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