Friday, April 29, 2011

LAST April Shadows Weekly Roundup

Thank you all so much for your support in my Eyes of March and April Shadows posts! I had so much fun doing them and definitely learned that I have lots of shadows I need to use lol. I encourage all of you to rediscover your neglected shadows because you may have some great finds in your own collection. This is the last Weekly Roundup of April Shadows and I tried to make it a good one!


Products used:
-Too Faced Cut the Cake (lid)
-Too Faced First Dance and Too Faced Un-Veil (crease)
-NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk (inner corner base)
-Too Faced Soulmates (inner corner)
-Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliner (waterline)
-NYX Black eyeshadow (to set liner)
-Revlon's Grow Luscious Mascara


Products used:
-Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy (base
-MAC Mauvement Pigment (lid)

-MAC Tempting (crease)
-NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk (inner corner base)

-MAC Femme Fi (inner corner)
-Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliner (waterline)
-NYX Black eyeshadow (to set liner)
-Revlon's Grow Luscious Mascara


Products used:
-Bare Escentuals Celestine (lid and inner corner)

-NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk (inner corner base)
-Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliner (waterline)
-NYX Black eyeshadow (to set liner)
-Revlon's Grow Luscious Mascara


Products used:
-Glamour Doll Eyes Bare Naked (lid and inner corner)

-MAC Mystery (crease)
-NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk (inner corner base)
-Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliner (waterline)
-NYX Black eyeshadow (to set liner)
-Revlon's Grow Luscious Mascara


Products used:
-Too Faced Silk Teddy (lid and inner corner)

-MAC Mulch (crease)
-NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk (inner corner base)
-Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliner (waterline)
-NYX Black eyeshadow (to set liner)
-Revlon's Grow Luscious Mascara

For Friday, I wanted to show you guys my all time favorite eyeshadow look. It's one of my go to combinations because it brightens my eyes and defines them at the same time! Another one of my favorites is Tuesday, with Mauvement Pigment. This pigment on its own is horrendous! Chunky, glittery, all around fall out mess. However, the Pixie Epoxy grabbed on to the glitter and helped its true beauty shine.

I will definitely do an EOTD from time to time but not everyday lol. Again thank you to everyone that read these posts!

What did you think of the April Shadows project? What are your favorite eyeshadow combinations?

Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette (swatches)

I have been eyeing this palette since I found out it was going to be released! It's a gorgeous palette with neutrals, golds, pinks, and purples. I'm a big fan of the Too Faced palettes so I knew I would eventually pick this up. The colors are perfect for spring and are so smooth and pigmented as Too Faced shadows usually are.

P.S. Total coincidence that today is the Royal Wedding and these shadows all have bridal/wedding names =]

Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette

Hi gorgeous shadows! The setup is the same as the other Too Faced Palettes: 3 big eyeshadows and 6 smaller ones. The rows are set up in an order to reflect a look you can do. There is a Day look, a Classic look, and a Fashion look.

Top row: (left to right) Soulmates, I Do, Un-Veil 
Middle Row: (left to right) Kiss the Bride, Cut the Cake, First Dance
Bottom Row: (left to right) Bouquet Toss, Honeymoon, Ever After

One thing I wanted to note is that this is slimmer than the regular Too Faced palettes. It doesn't have the pullout drawer with the brush. The picture is of the Romantic palette compared to the Natural palette.

I am so excited to play with this palette more! The colors are amazing quality and have a wide variety of tones and finishes. I highly recommend this palette! 

You can purchase the Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette at Sephora or Too Faced for $35.

Do you already own the Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette? What do you think of it? Will you be picking it up?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cover Girl Pure Romance Quad (swatches)

Recently, I have been seeing Missglamorazzi often list in the description box of her videos that she has been wearing the Cover Girl Pure Romance Quad, which got me intrigued. I always love her eye looks so I went to scope this quad out. It's a gorgeous purple-neutral quad that is especially flattering for us brown eyed girls! I would not have noticed it if it weren't for Ingrid and just wanted to pass along a product I've been loving. I wore it on the Monday of this April Shadows post.

Cover Girl Pure Romance Quad 

Yummy neutrals! 

left to right: matte brown, purpley neutral, light pink, cream
I won't lie and say these shadows are AMAZING quality. You do have to build them up to get the true colors and they're a little powdery. But I love the colors and have been enjoying using it.

Do you own the Cover Girl Pure Romance Quad? What do you think of it? Will you be checking it out?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Zoya Collection Overview (Pic Heavy!)

With the Zoya Polish Exchange going on until Wednesday, I thought I would do a post with swatches of all my Zoya polishes. I love their polishes for the most part, they have some gorgeous colors and wear very well. I hope this post helps tose that are trying to decide on polishes for the polish exchange, and if you just wanted to see my Zoya polishes: here you go! =] Please let me know if you like this type of post and would like to see my collection of any other brand!

Gaia- gorgeous golden white. This was 3 coats.

Ginessa- Silvery white with shimmer. This was 3 coats.

Luna- sheer base with silver glitter. This was 2 coats. This shade comes out as mostly glitter.

Trixie- This is one of my favorites, it's a metallic silver with silver shimmer. Perfect aluminum foily color. This was 2 coats and it applies like a dream.

Jules- This is a bronzey champagne. It's a gorgeous color and applied smoothly in 2 coats. This is smaller than the others because it was in my Birchbox.

Miley- The pictures makes it look blue in the bottle but it's a light, blue toned lilac. It's very sheer and watery, this was three coats.

Portia- gorgeous pinky nude. This is a great color for the spring nude polish trend. This was two coats.

Dove- As the name suggests, it's a dove grey. Great application, this was two coats.

Sweet- This is a medium barbie pink. It applied really nicely, 2 coats.

Happi- This is such an interesting color, a pink with gold/green duochrome. This was 2 coats.

Rica- This is one of their new cummer colors. It is a hot pink coral with multi colored gold and orange shimmer. This was 3 coats. The removal process was so messy. If you see glitter on my hands in the pictures, it is because I did this and Faye first and I could not get rid of the glitter from it. Just something to keep in mind.

Ali- A raspberry hot pink. This was 3 coats.

Renee-A raspberry pink, it dries pretty matte. This was also two coats. I think this would look great on the toes!

Zara- medium purple with gold shimmer. This is more on the sheer side, 3 coats.

Dannii- A medium purple with gold shimmer. This was 2 coats.

Faye- Mauvey purple with gold and green shimmer. This applied in 3 coats. Like Rica, it left glitter on my hands after I removed it.

Charla- If anyone asks me for a Zoya Polish recommendation, I always say this! It is a gorgeous multi dimensional blueish green mermaid color with green shimmer. This was 2 coats.

Yummy- This is a midtone blue. It's an "ok" color, I sometimes forget I have it. This was 3 coats.

Tallulah- This is a medium blue with green shimmer. The shimmer is very subtle and unfortunetly the camera didn't pick it up. It's on the sheer side and applied in 3 coats.

Kotori- This has to be my most disappointing Zoya color. It's a midnight blue with blue and silver shimmer. The color looks so promising in the bottle but it is so sheer. This was 4 coats and still not opaque.

Crystal- a gorgeous metallic blue with gold shimmer. This was the sheerest of the polishes I got, it was 3 coats. The color combination makes it look like a night sky!

Mimi- Dark purple with medium purple shimmer. This is really pretty if you are a purple polish lover. This was 3 coats.

Julieanne- This would be a nice fall/winter color. It is a deep purple with purple shimmer. I believe it was three coats.

That is my collection of  Zoya polishes! It takes up it's own full row on my polish rack. My Zoya recommendations: Gaia, Trixie, Portia, Jules, Sweet, Faye, Rica, Charla, Happi and Talullah.

Are you going to be participating in the Zoya Polish Exchange? What are your favorite Zoya colors?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fyrinnae Haul and Swatches

My recent video showed my Fyrinnae haul and I shared some of my thoughts on the products and the company overall. I wanted to share the swatches of the eyeshadows I bought with and without their primer, the Pixie Epoxy. Unfortunetly while I am posting this video and blogpost, the Pixie Epoxy won't be on the site for a few weeks! I highly recommend you guys checking it out when it comes back on the site.

Haul art!

This is their Pixie Epoxy. It is a primer that helps catch the glitter and shimmer in the eyeshadows. I haven't been using it often enough to review it but I do like it! What you get on the wand when you take it out is enough for both eyes. When you apply this and it dries, it's VERY tacky and sticky, which is great because it holds onto the glitter in the shadows very well. The stickiness feeling goes away when you put a shadow over it.

Top Row: (left to right) Kurisumasu!, Orangutan, Te Amo (free sample)
Bottom Row: (left to right) Sacred, Beholder, Snow Leopard, Knickers in a Twist

Top Row: (left to right) Kurisumasu!, Orangutan, Te Amo (free sample)
Bottom Row: same colors on top of Pixie Epoxy

Top Row: (left to right) Sacred, Beholder, Snow Leopard, Knickers in a Twist
Bottom Row: same colors on top of Pixie Epoxy

As you can see, the Pixie Epoxy helps the shadow be more vibrant and really brings out the subtle shimmer and undertones in the shadows!

Color Descriptions from the site:

Kurisumasu!- Versatile satiny rosy beige shade with flashes of golden sparkle. Great for a highlight or all-over basic shade that can suit many skintones.

Orangutan- This shade is a satin-matte peach with a coppery tone, leaning neutral rather than warm, but should suit many skintones. Slight satiny finish, and semi-transparent unless used over an opaque base, making it an ideal highlight or all-over wash colour.

Te Amo- This shade is a glowing iridescent copper highlight, almost ghostly, despite how photos make it appear. A sticky base makes more color come though, but it works well and "glows" over regular primers.

Sacred- Not quite gold, this shade is a pale glowing metallic taupe. It does lean warm, but it suitable for many skintones.

Beholder- Sparkling, somewhat silvery deep taupe.

Snow Leopard- A soft, deep taupe shade that has subtle hues of rose. Very versatile.

Knickers in a Twist- This shade is a deep taupe with subtle bronze sparkle. Similar to Snow Leopard in hue, but darker and without the red shimmer.

You can purchase Fyrinnae products on

Have you ever ordered from Fyrinnae? What do you think of the company? What are your favorite colors?

Friday, April 22, 2011

April Shadows Weekly Roundup

If you are unfamiliar with this whole "April Shadows" concept, it is a continuation of my Eyes of March project, where I vowed to use a different eyeshadow everyday! It's a fun challenge to do to rediscover your forgotten shades. You don't even have to do it with eyeshadows, can be with anything in your collection that you have a lot of.

This week I've been a bit lazy with my eyeshadow, I only wore it 3 days! Here are my looks throughout the week:


Products used:

-Urban Decay Sin (lid)
-Urban Decay Shakedown (crease)
-NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk (inner corner base)
-Urban Decay Virgin (inner corner)
-Jordana Fabuliner (upper lashline)
-Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliner (waterline)
-NYX Black eyeshadow (to set liner)
-Revlon's Grow Luscious Mascara

I loved this look, it was nice and simple. Also, when Urban Decay makes good eyeshadows, they make it GOOD. No glitter face= happy Yuliya!


Products used:

-Too Faced I Do (lid)
-Too Faced Ever After and Too Faced Un-Veil (crease)
-NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk (inner corner base)
-Too Faced Soulmates (inner corner)
-Jordana Fabuliner (upper lashline)
-Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliner (waterline)
-NYX Black eyeshadow (to set liner)
-Revlon's Grow Luscious Mascara

I FINALLY caved and bought the Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette and all the colors I used were from there! I've only had it a few days but it's gorgeous.


Products used:

-MAC Bare Study Paintpot (base)
-MAC Prance Eyeshadow (lid)
-Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliner (waterline)
-NYX Black eyeshadow (to set liner)
-Revlon's Grow Luscious Mascara

I had to wake up super early so today was a very minimal makeup day. I love the combo of an eye brightening base and an eye brightening eyeshadow. Also, wearing only mascara and upper lashline liner makes your lashes look HUGE.

What is on your eyes today? Do you have a favorite eyeshadow combo?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

MAC Surf Baby Collection (info & Wishlist)

MAC has another collection coming! *shocker* I'm excited for this because it's around my birthday (May 29) and the past few years MAC has been coming out with summer collections around that day. This has a beachy, surf theme and the packaging reflects that. Temptalia has a sneak peek post here with pictures of the products!

 My wishlist is in bold and pink

MAC Surf Baby Collection for Summer 2011

U.S. Launch Date: May 26th, 2011
International Launch Date:
May 2011 (excluding Asia), June 2011 (Asia)

Surf, Baby! Cheek Powder ($28.00 U.S. / $32.00 CDN)

  • My Paradise Peach pressed powder with gold hibiscus flower overspray (Limited Edition)

Lipstick ($15.50 U.S. / $18.50 CDN)

  • Bust Out! Dirty mid-tone violet (Lustre) (Limited Edition)
  • Hibiscus Bright orange coral (Cremesheen) (Limited Edition)
  • Mocha Peachy yellow-brown (Satin) (Permanent)
  • Naturally Eccentric Creamy white nude (Lustre) (Limited Edition)

Lipglass ($15.50 U.S. / $18.50 CDN)

  • Girl on Board Pale white gold (Limited Edition)
  • Good Lovin’ Soft peachy pink (Limited Edition)
  • Krazy Kahuna Warm mid-tone brown (Limited Edition)
  • Strange Potion Soft coral pink (Limited Edition)

Crushed Metallic Pigment Stacks ($32.50 U.S. / $38.50 CDN)

  • Summer Stash Light pink champagne, light white pearl, light violet with silver pearl, brown bronze with gold pearl (Frost) (Limited Edition)
  • Surf the Ocean Frosty platinum, light yellow green, gold bronze, dirty graphite with silver pearl (Frost) (Limited Edition)

Eyeshadow ($15.50 U.S. / $18.50 CDN)

  • Saffron Deep coral caramel (Satin) (Limited Edition)
  • Short Shorts Frosty white champagne (Frost) (Limited Edition)
  • Sun Blonde Dirty yellow gold (Frost) (Limited Edition)
  • Surf U.S.A. Frosted teal (Frost) (Limited Edition)
  • Swell Baby Mid-tone grey (Satin) (Limited Edition)

Nail Lacquer ($13.50 U.S. / $17.00 CDN)

  • Hangin’ Loose Dirty pink nude (Limited Edition)
  • Ocean Dip Mid-tone creamy aqua (Limited Edition)

Powerpoint Eye Pencil ($15.50 U.S. / $18.50 CDN)

  • Blue Noon Teal with gold pearl (Limited Edition)
  • Gilded White Yellow white frost (Limited Edition)

Pigment ($19.50 U.S. / $23.50 CDN)

  • Naked Fleshy beige with golden copper pearl (Permanent)
  • Melon Soft bright golden peach (Permanent)

Splashproof Lash Mascara ($14.00 U.S. / $17.00 CDN)

  • Blacksplash Black (Permanent)

Bags (MAC Stores Only)

  • Surf, Baby! 1 ($28.00 U.S. / $33.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)
  • Surf, Baby! 2 ($32.00 U.S. / $38.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)

Suntints SPF 20 Liquid Lip Balm ($15.50 U.S. / $18.50 CDN)

  • Full of Grace Soft sheer rose (Limited Edition)
  • Pink Tinge Clean bright yellow pink with gold pearl (Limited Edition)
  • Lilt of Lily Soft creamy pale pink (Limited Edition)

MAC Skinsheen Bronzer Stick ($29.50 U.S. / $35.50 CDN)

  • Tan-tint Soft suntan bronze (Limited Edition)
  • Billinoaire Bronze Warm golden tan (Limited Edition)
  • Gilty Bronze Coppery bronze with gold shimmer (Limited Edition)

Bronzing Powder ($24.00 U.S. / $29.00 CDN)

  • Solar Riche Mid-tone deep orange brown (Limited Edition)
  • Refined Golden Finely spun gold with soft pearl finish (Permanent)

Studio Careblend Pressed Powder

  • Gold-Go-Lightly Mid-tone golden tan brown (Limited Edition)
  • Lush-Light Bronze Mid-tone rosy pink brown


  • 129SH Powder/Blush Brush ($34.00 U.S. / $41.00 CDN)

This sounds like a fun summery collection and definitely has some lip items for you coral lovers! If the Short Shorts eyeshadow isn't too much like Shroom/ Nylon I will be all over it =].

Are you excited for this collection? What's on your wishlist?

Zoya Nail Polish Exchange is Back!

If any of you have been buying Zoya polish for a while, you know that every Earth Day they have a Polish Exchange. This year, they seemed to not announce it in advance but it is going on now!

How it works:

"1.    Go to and pick out the polishes you would like and add them to your cart. You must select at least 6 bottles  and no more than 24 bottles of polish (Salons accounts minimum 12 maximum 48 bottles.)
2.    Apply the code. EARTHZOYA
3.    Your order value will be adjusted to reflect the promotion
4.    SUBMIT your order!

Then Zoya will ship out your NEW polish! YEA!

Once you get your order (Here is where the exchanging* happens)…
1.    Ship back the equivalent number of bottles to the ones you received to the return address below.(ie. If  you got 6 bottles of Zoya – you would send us 6 NON-ZOYA polishes,
please check with you carrier on the proper way to ship nail polish)
2.    Include a copy of your order

Shipping Address
Art of Beauty, Inc.
c/o Polish Exchange
5060 Taylor Rd, Unit D
Cleveland, Ohio, 44128, USA

Once we receive your polish we do the rest! It’s that simple!


The bottles you send in cannot be Zoya, Qtica or Nocti polishes (but they can be any other brand). 

We are using the honor code here folks! We want to make sure you get your Zoya Nail Polish! We send you the polish first then you send your old polish back to us! If you do choose to send us your old polish we promise to properly dispose of it according to EPA guidelines. This offer is only good for 1 week so hurry – Don’t Wait!"


This is a cool way to try Zoya polishes you wanted for 50% off. Each bottle will be $4 with this promo. Remember, it has to be a MINIMUM of 6 polishes. Some of my Zoya recommendations: Charla, Sweet, and Trixie.

Will you be participating in the promo? If so, what polishes do you plan on getting?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Upcoming Bath & Body Works Collections

I have become somewhat (ok let’s face it, full blown) Bath & Body Works ADDICT. I feel like I just discovered this new world and can’t get enough. After I started discussing my love on twitter, turns out a lot of you are BBW fans as well. Can someone tell me why I have missed out on this wonderfulness for so long??

Recently BBW had a Facebook live chat, which you can watch here, with their President of Product Development, Camille McDonald, giving the scoop on upcoming summer and fall collections. Camille is responsible for popular BBW scents including Japanese Cherry Blossom and Twilight Woods. I thought I would take advantage of all this new info and organize an outline to share with you guys. I tried to make it in time order to make it easier. I hope you BBW lovers are excited as I am for these new collections! Just a warning, there’s TONS of new things coming and this is a long post.


1. April 30th- I Red heartFragrance Event 

I went to one of these in March and it’s a fun way BBW gets its customers involved in giving feedback for new scents. They had a gift with purchase, which in the last one was a full sized Country Chic Lotion. Also, they had a set of testers you could vote on that were going to be a new scent based on the winner. These weren’t labeled and you just picked number 1-4.

2. Country Chic

This scent has already been released. It’s meant to be a spring version of the Twilight Woods scent. It is a blend of sparkling lemon, bright wildflowers, and sheer woods. Camille described is as a casual chic fragrance.

3. Into The Wild

This scent is just starting to release. I bought the little travel sized lotion which is all they have available for now. It is meant to be a union between fashion and fragrance, inspired by the Gucci animal print designs. The fashion element adds the sexyness of animal print and the fragrance element adds scent with mandarin, bright fruits, woods, and patchouli.

This scent will also come with a body scrub that has walnut chips in it.

4. Series of Favorite Ingredients

Camille talked about what a success the Vanilla collection was and wanted to make some more collections with what she called favorite addictive ingredients , Coconut and Citrus.

  • Coconut – Early May
    • Coconut Mango
    • Coconut Pineapple
    • Coconut Passionfruit

Also, with the Coconut Mango scent, there will be a body scrub and an SPF 30 Cooling Mist.

  • Citrus- Early July

This is one of their major summer collections. The entire store will be incorporated under the Citrus Collection theme, including new scents for many different products.

    • Signature Collection
      • Pomegranate Citrus
      • Peach Citrus
      • Apple Blossom Citrus

These were the fragrances that were the testers for March’s I Red heartFragrance Event. I honestly don’t remember which I picked but the overall favorite was Peach Citrus.

    • Face Products
      • Face Scrub with Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, and Jojoba
      • Fresh and Flawless Face Mask with Purifying Clay and Vitamin E
    • Antibacterial Soap
      • Lemon Pomegranate Pop
      • Citrus Blueberry Swirl
      • Guava Grapefruit Blast
      • Lemon Sugar Fizz
      • Tangelo Orange Twist
    • Lipliscious
      • Pomegranate Citrus
      • Peach Citrus

5. Fourth of July Pocketbacs and Anti Bacterial Hand Soaps- Early May

  • Apple Pie
  • S’Mores
  • Blueberry Pancake

6. Political Editions

  • Democrat- Blueberry
  • Republican- Apple


1. Exfoliation and Moisturizing

Camille talked all about getting your skin smooth and gorgeous for summer. You prepare the skin by exfoliating and then moisturize.

  • Super Charged Sudsing Scrub (exfoliating)
    • White Citrus
    • Country Chic
    • Coconut Lime Breeze
      • This is a new scent that is inspired by Coconut Lime verbena
  • Select a Shimmer (moisturizing)
    • Paris Amour

2. Mother’s Day

  • I Red heartMom Pocketbacs- I’ve already seen these in store
    • One Hot Mom- Sexy Cherry Blossom
    • Mommy- Rockin’ Cotton
    • I Red heartYou Mom- Sweet Petals
    • Mr. Mom- Studdly Apple
    • Mom Rocks- Vanilla Sugar
  • Antibacterial Hand Soaps
    • Blushing Mimosa
    • Vanilla Pistachio
    • Berry Parfait

3. Lipliscious- July

  • Items added to the Core Collection
    • Cotton Candy
    • Frozen Daiquiri
    • Fruit Punch
    • Watermellon
    • Whipped Vanilla
    • Berry Bellini
    • Limeanade


1. Paris Amour –August 15

This is a young, charming, and classic Oriental scent. It is based off of the Oriental effect of Japanese Cherry Blossom. This scent has French Tulips, Pink Champagne and Strawberries, and Apple Blossom.

  • With this collection is a Paris Lipliscious in a pink color.
  • There is also going to be a French Bakery Collection.

2. Back to School Pocketbacs

  • Doughnut Collection
    • Raspberry Frosted
    • Blueberry Cake
    • Chocolate Cream
    • Jelly Jam
  • Varsity
    • Love You
    • Be Cool
    • Tonight
    • Forever

3. Confection Perfection- Labor Day

  • Dipped Strawberry
  • Caramel Cocoa
  • Raspberry Gnash
  • Mocha Mousse
  • Pistachio Vanilla

4. Double Delicious Lipliscious

These have two stripes of shimmered color and flavor that blend together when you apply them.

  • Salted Caramel- Bronze and White
  • Strawberry Lemonade- Pink and Gold
  • Apple and Cinnamon- Pink and Neutral
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly- Bronze and Berry

5. Signature Fall Traditions- Early September

This collection is a mix of fashion, food, and key fall fragrance inspirations.

  • Signature Colections
    • Dark Berry
    • Seductive Apple
    • Warm, Cozy Vanilla
    • Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin
  • Antibacterial Soap
    • Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin
    • Caramel Apple
    • Cranapple
    • Cinnamon Raisin Cookie.

6. Charmed Life- Early October

This is a flirty, sparkler scent. It has top notes of Guava, Apple, Pear, Berry, middle notes of Florals, and bottom notes of Coconut Musk.

7. Fall Fusion- Mid October

This a “bridge” collection of Antibacterial Soap into the holidays. It is meant to look like home d├ęcor.

  • Apricot Spice
  • Black Raspberry Pear
  • Pomegranate Brown Sugar

HALLOWEEN- Reinvented

There will be more information on the Halloween Collection in the next chat in June. This will be a huge collection that will be released late July (a tad early much??). It will include items in:

  • Signature Collection Body Lotion
  • Antibacterial Soap
  • Antibacterial Figural Soaps (will include figures that light up and scream)
  • Lipliscious
  • Home Fragrance
    • Novelties
    • Candles

Camille described it as a “shop within a shop” that will eventually grow in September.


1. Classic

This is a sexy, fashion inspired scent. It has pepper notes, vanilla wood, and patchouli.


They are working on a collection inspired by nature and will be released Spring 2012.

PHEW!! That’s a ton of new things! I could barely keep up taking notes during the chat. I hope this post was helpful for what will be coming from BBW in the future seasons. I’m so excited for the new collections being released, especially all the new Antibacterial stuff! I’m looking forward to the next chat in June that will have more details about Halloween.

Was this post helpful for you? What are you most excited about in the Bath and Body Works future?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

MAC Semi Precious Collection (Info & Wishlist)

I have more MAC Collection info for you guys! I'm really getting excited for the new collections and hope they won't be flops (like other ones!). I think getting excited for collections brings me back to the youtube days when people would rush out when MAC releases something and you'd see at least 10 hauls about it. Well today I'm sharing info about Semi Precious, one of the summer collections.

As usual, my wishlist is in bold and pink.

MAC Semi Precious Colour Collection

July 7th [US / Canada]

July [International]

Lipstick $14.50/$17.50
Gem of Roses - Mid tone strawberry pink (Lustre)
Lush Amber - Light nude beige (Lustre)
One of a Kind - Mid tone rosy neutral (Lustre)
Musky Amethyst - Deep plum (Frost)

Creamsheen Glass $18.50/$22.00
Geo Pink - Strawberry pink
Natural Flare - Light caramel nude
Pure Magnificence - Light grey pink
Look Like Sin - Mid tone reddish plum
Richly Revered - Deep brown plum

Mineralize Blush $23.00/$22.00
Feeling Flush - Melange pink, deep blue pink and soft brown

Warmth of Coral - Melange peach and coral

Pressed Amber - Melange nude, beige and brown

Mineralize Skinfinish $28.00/$27.50
Semi precious pearl - Base: beige champagne / Inner circle: white, plum, bronze

Semi precious crystal pink - Base: pink champagne / Inner circle pink,mid tone green, bronze
Semi precious rose quartz - Base: rosy pink / Inner circle; silver, lime, white pink copper

128 Brush - split fibre Cheek brush $32.00 / $38.50
179 Brish - split fibre Angled buffer brush $47.00 / $56.70

234 Brush: split fibre blending brush $22.50/$27.00
235 Brush: split fibre all over eye brush $30.00/$36.50

Mineralize Eye Shadow $19.50 / $23/50
Blue Sheen - Melange: navy, black and peach
Dark Indulgence - Melange: forest green and black

Smokey Ruby - Melange: burgundy and black
Golden Glaze - Melange: gold and black
Rare Find - Melange: violet, brown and gold
Jade's Fortune - Melange: bright yellow, blue, lime,and black
Mint of sapphire - Melange: pink violet, teal, copper, and blue
Faux Gold - Melange: coral, gold, lime and bronze
Quartz Fusion - Melange: soft pink, silver, and deep pink

Unsurpassable - Melange: green, teal, purple, and copper
Clarity - Melange: white, copper, and grey
Mineral Mode - Melange: white, copper and grey

Zoom Fast Black Lash - Deepest Black $14.00/$17.00
Mineralize Charged Water $22.00/$27.00
Revitalizing energy - this refreshing hydrating mist rebalances the complexion and instantly replenishes the skin. infused with minerals that are essential in helping skin stay healthy and young looking
Mineralize Face + Body Lotion $29.50/$38.00
This gentle non-sensitive rich moisturizing lotion can be used on the face and body and is free of fragrance and color


I think the most exciting thing about this collection are the BRUSHES. I love MAC eye brushes and am really interested in what these will look like (split fibre??) and how they will work. The mineralize eye shadows sound interesting but none of the color combos appeal to me and when I get a palette/trio/quad, I want to use it all together.

Are you excited about this collection? What’s on your wishlist?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Current Polish: China Glaze Lemon Fizz

With spring here, I've been excited to use my pastel shades (which are my favorite shades to wear!). After a day of sunshine, we have had a 3 days of gross rain so I decided to wish for the sun back by wearing happy, bright colors. China Glaze Lemon Fizz is a great pastel yellow for the spring. It reminds me of baby chicks!

China Glaze Lemon Fizz

This was after four days of wear! The polish applies smoothly with 2 coats and lasts really well.

What is your favorite polish season? Do you own China Glaze Lemon Fizz? What do you think of it?
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