Saturday, June 5, 2010

Nail Polish Tag

Ok, I know I've been so bad with the Project 365 thing, I'm sorryyy! I've just felt uninspired and can't keep up with it so I'm taking a little break (or might quit altogether idk =X)

Here's a fun little tag from Nouveau Cheap (i love and adore her blog! check her out!!)

Nail Polish Stash:

How many polishes do you have in your stash?

Uhmm...76? (if i counted right) EEk. lol

Which brand do you own the most of?

China Glaze. Not because it's my favorite brand, really, but they're cheap and have great colors/collections

What colors do you own the most of?

Pinks! I can't get enough of them haha

Do you have a color/texture you do not own?

Holographic...I really want some and need to hunt some down since it's summer and the sun is so bright lol

What's the one polish you always pick up to lift your spirits?

OPI's Mod About You. I love it and it always makes me happy!

What polish do you keep looking at and wondering why you haven't gotten rid of it yet?

This neon orange I've had for years. It's probably gross but I love neons =\

Franken me? or I'm nervous to try it?

Hmm...does this refer to mixing colors? I'm afraid to try it lmao

Go-to Base Coat?

Zoya Anchor.

Go-to Top Coat?

Seche Vite (<3)

What's your sexiest polish?

I think mermaid blue/greens are sexy...they're so amazing and mermaid are gorgeous haha

Nail Design:

Stamping vs Free Hand?

Neither lol

Bling me, baby? or No bling for me, please!

Bling me! I love glitters but the only con is removing it!

I consider my nails basically nekkid if they don' t have some kind of design?

I don't do nails are naked without polish lol

My favorite plate/tool/technique?

Favorite tool is a nail shiner/buffer...definitely makes polish last longer

What I haven't tried and want to within the month?



The one elusive polish you want and can't seem to get?

MAC's Peppermint Patty! Anyone know where I can find it?? =[

What was the last nail related thing you bought?

I just did a Zoya Polish Exchange order but idk if that counts since I need to send mine in first

How much nail related hauls have you bought in the last 7 days (on-line/in-person)?

I guess my Polish Exchange stuff

If you've ever been on a no-buy, how long did it last? Is that what you planned?

I wouldn't handle a polish no buy haha

(and one question to grow on) Hobby? Addiction? Compulsion? Passing Fancy? Love?

Hobby and addiction all rolled into one =] and it's very much a complusion and LOVE LOVE =]

I tag all of you!!! <3
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