Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Appreciating the Natual

As you guys (and girls haha) I am on my makeup no-buy until July 20th. I am at the moment approaching my....monthly woman time ;) and have been experiencing some slight imperfections. My MSF Natural got wayy to dark on me (which means I am getting paler by the second...darn NY rain!!) so I have been YEARNING for a new one. Until...this morning.

I refused to break my no-buy and decided to pull out...concealer and a tinted moisturizer. Some concealed blemishes, under-eye circles, and a little NARS Laguna bronzer later...I decided I might not really need to break my promise to myself.

I quite like this natural look. Not that I caked on makeup all the time prior to this but I was depending on foundation to lift my spirits (and of course, black eyeliner lol) But I quite like this look for now

And the no buy continues... lol

P.S. I make no promises on denying myself the MSF Natural after July 20th, though lol

Saturday, June 20, 2009


So as I watch Youtube videos and am sporting my mint jeulup (yea..that's spelled wrong) mask, I've realized I've been neglecting my blog! (Sorry =])

However, the point of this post: Project Less-Buy.

Yes. I said Less-Buy. I'm joining in on the Project 10 Pan- esque things that people have been doing (like a true conformer =D ). Mine has 2 steps (almost like a diet-ish thing).

Step 1: NO MAKEUP PURCHASES FOR ONE MONTH. I need an absolute break from buying makeup in order to dive into my own collection and rediscover it. This lasts until July 20th =] (wish me luck =\) This is the diet.

Step 2: LESS BUY. This will be the lifestyle adjustment after the diet. I will keep a list of thing I want and those items will be purchased one (or two ;) ) at a time every paycheck. This is, of course, to prevent over buying.

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