Friday, September 18, 2009

GOSH Darling vs. MAC Close To Real

So I've become aware of a DUPE for GOSH Darling! I live in the US and unfortunetly can't get a hold as easily of GOSH as I can of MAC (since I go toschool near one and work near two...oh the tempation!). Out in the MAC High Def Collection is foundations and 4 lipsticks. The foundations are permanent so I skipped. But the lipstick in Close to Real is very close to perfection (haha get it=] )

GOSH Darling is on the left and MAC Close to Real is on the right.

They look very similar in the tubes and when swatched. Close to Real is on top,Darling is on the bottom.

On the lips....

MAC Close to Real (built up).

GOSH Darling (built up)

They look almost exactly alike on the lips! The only difference is that Close to Real is a little more matte.

I hope you check it out if you already haven't! (And I promise to get better with the picture taking lol)


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Future of My Blog

I am well aware that I barely use this blog and like all my posts..I'll say I'M SORRY! haha

I'm planning on posting swatches on here. I will post swatches of products mentioned in my videos , such as hauls, reviews, etc. My webcam doesn't pick up colors as well as I'd like it to so maybe this will be more helpful.

This will motivate me to post on this more because, honestly, I feel bad lol!

Thank you all for following and for all your support. Stay tuned for more posts!
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