Monday, October 3, 2011

What I Ate Today: Breakfast

I am loving doing these What I Ate Today posts, it helps me get more creative with my meals. I do have lots of nail polish posts coming out if you are tired of these! Today I added some pumpkin to my oatmeal (a suggestion I found on Healthy Diva Eat's blog). I bought a can of Organic Pumpkin at Trader Joe's (LOVE that place!) and it's a great addition to the oatmeal. It makes it more full and adds some nice subtle flavor.

-Weight Watchers Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal
-Frozen Mixed Fruit (I add this before so the fruit defrosts as the oatmeal cooks)
-Sliced Almonds
-Chia Seeds

I love that the WW oatmeals come in the cups because I usually have my breakfast on the go and it is much more convenient than the regular paper pouches!

What is your favorite breakfast? Are you a pumpkin fan?
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