Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Comparison of the Sandy Beige Nail Polishes

I have been loving the nude polish trend and feel that for Fall, it has evolved into the sandy nudes trend. For Fall, I typically wear darker polishes and it makes sense that the nudes will be darker as well. I have three polishes that while they might be in the same color family, they are all very different (and therefore I can justify having all of them!)

Left to right: Essie Sand Tropez, Revlon Smoky Canvas, Essie Case Study

Swatches: (left to right)  Essie Case Study, Revlon Smoky Canvas, Essie Sand Tropez

As you can see, Essie Sand Tropez is the lightest of the three, a light sand color. Essie Case Study has more brown/camel tones than the rest. Revlon Smoky Canvas looks more grey compared to the other two.

What is your favorite nail polish trend for the fall? Will you be picking up any of these polishes?


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Great color family. My boyfriend was looking at my polish collection and he couldn't understand why I needed multiple shades of one color family. I don't have a specific favorite polish trend for fall yet. I do want to pick up an olive green of somesort and I'd probably pick up Smoky Canvas or Case Study.

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