Friday, September 16, 2011

MAC Posh Paradise Nubile and Genuine Treasures Paint Pot Swatches

MAC released a collection of new paint pots, mattenes, and other items. I was intrigued by the paint pots since I love using them as a base! The collection has a gorgeous selection of colors overall. I got two of them: Nubile and Genuine Treasures.

left to right: Genuine Treasures, Nubile

MAC Nubile Paint Pot- A beige-y peach color with very minimal shimmer.

MAC Genuine Treasures Paint Pot- A bronze shade with gold glittery particles.

Swatches: (left to right) Genuine Treasures, Nubile

-Genuine Treasures comes on sheerer than any of the shades, I was disappointed to see it has some glitter. I talked to the MA at my tore, who was wearing it, and it looked gorgeous on her! She said there was no fallout so I'm hoping it will work well as a smokey bronze base.

-Nubile is a gorgeous base color. It would work great on it's own or under neutral lid colors. It has a bit of shimmer to it so it brightens the eyes, definitely a great shade for a minimal eye look when worn alone!

Swatches: (left to right) MAC Grain Eyeshadow, MAC Nubile Paint Pot

When I was swatching Nubile in store, I thought it would be too similar to MAC's Grain eyeshadow. I am happy to report that while they are similar, they are not at all the same color. As you can see, Nubile is slightly darker and looks more pink in comparison. I think they will be great paired together!

What do you think of the MAC Posh Paradise collection? Do you love the paint pots as much as I do? Did you pick anything up?


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Seems nice. I am also not a big fan of glitter with these shades but with proper handling, a skillful application can make wonders.

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