Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dr.'s Remedy Winter Wonder Nails Swatches

I was recently sent some Dr.'s Remedy nail polishes. I had blogged about their Winter Wonder collection here. The premise behind these nail polishes are that they are made to be gentle and beneficial for your nails. They claim that Dr.'s Remedy is a "new line of doctor-inspired cosmetics that are dedicated to using clean, hypo-allergenic, anti-fungal ingredients".

left to right: Healing Heather Grey, Revive Ruby Red, Desire Dark Brown
The packaging really reminds me of NARS. It has the feel of the NARS rubberized cap and the glass bottle. The bottle is heavier than a regular one and feels like it's good quality.  
The back of the bottle. It claims that it is "three-free", meaning it doesn't have the three harmful chemicals commonly found in a lot of polishes. It also says, "Take comfort in knowing you no longer have to sacrifice beauty for health and well-being."
Healing- The descriptions on the label are very accurate, it's a heather grey. This polish applied very nicely in two coats.

Revive- As the label says, it's a ruby red. It's one of those great shimmer reds like what would you wear in the holiday season. It's a gorgeous color and my mom's favorite, which I'll get to soon. Also two coats.
Desire- This is a dark chocolate brown. This applied so smoothly, it could pass with one coat. I added another coat just to even it out. This is a great winter color.

Since this polish claims to be so good for the nails, I wanted to test it out. My nail model is my mom =]. She has weak nails that break really easily. Her polish chips pretty quickly, in about 2 days. I tried out the Dr.'s Remedy Revive on her and now she comes to me to borrow it!
Dr's Remedy Revive- This was two coats on her. As soon as I painted the first coat, she loved the color.
Four days later. I was impressed with how long it lasted without chipping. As soon my mom's nail polish chips, her nail start to break. She had minimal chipping and I didn't see any breaks. Now she's obsessed with the color.

I think the premise behind the polish is really interesting. As someone that wears nail polish most of the time, it's good to have one that can also help your nails as you wear them. Also, the colors I received are gorgeous and perfect for the winter season.

Dr.’s REMEDY is sold online for $16 at or by calling 1-877-323-NAIL        1-877-323-NAIL     

What do you think of the company's premise? Will you be checking out these polishes?

FTC: These polishes were sent to me by the PR but that doesn't affect my opinion at all =]


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