Friday, February 11, 2011

Cutiegingerbread Beauty Ballot #5

Thank you everyone for voting on the last poll! I always love seeing your results and responses =]

Last week's question was "Are you swayed by packaging to make a purchase?". Here are the results in order:

1. Sometimes- 63.33%
2. Yes- 23.33%
3. No- 13.33%

I wanted to ask this after seeing people being so excited or so turned off by the Wonder Woman packaging. Personally for me, I'd vote no. Even if the packaging might be cute or appealing, I try and stick to what the product inside is like. With Wonder Woman, I saw that a lot of the products had sucky pigmentation and that turned me off. However, if I do see an adorable compact in the future that I can depot my pressed powder into, we'll talk then ;)

Here is this week's question:

I find that with makeup, once you've spent convinced yourself to spend something like $40 on an item, a lot of other things seem more justifiable haha

Thank you so much for voting! Do you have any suggestions for future poll questions?


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