Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cutiegingerbread Beauty Ballot #4

Time for another poll! Thank you everyone for voting last time, it means so much to me that you guys take the time to do so =]

Here are the top three results from last week's question "Where do you most often shop for makeup?"

1. Drugstore- 40%
2. Sephora- 32.5%
3. MAC- 17.5%

Personally, I love shopping at all three! I rarely shop at department store purely because of price. As a full time student, I honestly think it'd be dangerous for me to go there lol. The drugstore is where I'd say I most often enter to check out the new selections. Second would be MAC, then Sephora. A lot of the times I research what I want beforehand so that I make a good purchase.

In the comments, Ashleigh said "with the trend of drugstore stuff costing only $2 or $3 less than "high end" stuff, I'd rather spend the extra couple dollars for something a little higher quality." I definitely agree for the most part that drugstore prices are pretty high for some brands. Look at L'Oreal HIP! However, I am a big fan of brands such as Wet n Wild and Sally Hansen that have AMAZING products at a low price.

Here is this week's question:

I was inspired by the recent MAC Wonder Woman collection to ask this! Some people either love or hate it based solely on the cartoon packaging.

Thank you so much for voting! Do you have any suggestions for future poll questions?


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