Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Top 10 Favorite Eyeshadows

I am first to admit that I am a neutral shadow FIEND.That's why for most (ok...ALL) of my choices of top 10 shadows, they are neutrals. Here is my video listing off my favorites and of course I couldn't stop at 10 so I have lots of honorable mentions too!

My Favorites!
Too Faced Silk Teddy- I've talk about this shade a million times both on this blog and in my videos. It's a pinky champagne with lots of eye brightening goodness!
NYX Champagne- As the name suggests, this is a champagne color and also very golden. It's very close to MAC Blonde's Gold Pigment, which is PRO.

MAC Shroom- This is my go to highlight shade for the inner corner and looks gorgeous on the lid too. It's a golden highlight shade.

MAC Grain- This is a peachy neutral shade with just a hint of shimmer. It's a great barely there color that still makes you look awake.

MAC Vex- This shade is very unique, it's a beige-y shade but has a pink duochrome.
Swatches (left to right): Too Faced Silk Teddy, NYX Champagne, MAC Shroom, MAC Grain, MAC Vex
Stila's Wheat- I know Stila's Kitten is a cult favorite but one of my favorites is Wheat. It's a golden color that's guessed it, eye brightening.

Wet n Wild Nutty- This is one of my all time favorite taupes. I've raved about this shade a lot and still highly recommend it. It's amazing quality for the low price.

MAC Vanilla Pigment- If I have to recommend any MAC pigment, it's this one. It is a white gold and is gorgeous as a highlight or all over the lid.

Swatches (left to right): Stila's Wheat, WnW Nutty, MAC Vanilla Pigment
MAC Mulch- This is one of my favorite crease/outer corner shades. It's a chocolate-y brown and gives really nice definition to my eyes.

NYX Black- As the name suggests it's just matte black. I use this shadow daily to set my eyeliner. You can also use it as eyeliner or to smoke out a look. If you need a matte black, $3 for this NYX one is a great price for something that will last you a long time.

Swatches (left to right): MAC Mulch, NYX Black

My honorable mentions!
L'Oreal HIP Duo in Electrified (left shade)-I love this duo in general and I have to thank Nouveau Cheap for recommending it. The left champagne/pewter shade is my favorite.

Bare Minerals Celestine- Though it's a golden neutral shade, this color has a lot more unique dimension to it and also has some pink and taupe tones to it.

Glamour Doll Eyes' Bare Naked- Like Grain, this is a gorgeous barely there neutral. It's more golden than Grain but the concept is similar.

Physician's Formula Baked Sands Trio (top color)- Before I discovered MAC's shroom, I was in love with the highlight shade of this trio. I still use it and love it for inner corner and all over the lid.

Milani's Java Bean- This is another one of my favorite crease/outer corner shades. It has more purple tones than Mulch. I recommend the Milani single shadows over all because they're amazing quality. You can find them on cherry culture.

 Swatches (left to right): L'Oreal HIP Electrified Champagne/Pewter shade, BE Celestine, GDE Bare Naked, Physician's Formula highlight shade, Milani Java Bean

What are your all time favorite eyeshadows? Do you stick to a certain color family like I do or you love all kinds of shades?


RoAmyLive Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

everything is so shiny and neutral. i want it all. xxo

RitaMil27 Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I agree, Nutty is such a GREAT shadow! I actually saw the vid where Rachel (cupcakesandscisors) recommended it and she said you were the one that recommended it to her! lol

Cutiegingerbread Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

@roamylive hahaa i love shimmery neutral =P

@ritamil27 yay! im glad u like it =]

G A B Y Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I agree with Silk Teddy, so pretty!

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