Friday, January 7, 2011

A Little Blog Update

I started thinking about how to improve this blog and make it more enjoyable and user friendly for you guys. Ever since I have gotten more inpspired to work on my blogs and make posts, I wanted to make this blog as interesting as I can.

I have seen tags at the bottom of posts on many blogs but had never thought about them until I started posting more. Tags are an easy way for readers to navigate the blog to see posts under specific categories. I have just added tags to all my relevant blog posts! All the tags on my blog can be found on the right hand sidebar under "Categories". Thanks to the feedback from my twitter followers, I decided it was a very helpful features for my blog. I hope it makes browsing the blog quicker and easier!

I want to add even more features that will benefit the blog. One of the ideas that came to mind was maybe a weekly poll. I love Nouveau Cheap 's polls and love seeing the results of what people think. Let me know if this is something you guys would like to see and would enjoy. Also, please feel free to provide any feedback or ideas that you have to help the blog be better. =] This blog is something that I not only get enjoyment out of but something I do to benefit you guys so any improvements or additions to it would hopefully help you and other readers!

What do you think of the "category" feature? Does it help your browsing? Do you have any suggestions or feedback for the blog?


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