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Glamour Doll Eyes Review and Swatches (Picture Heavy!)

I had previously made an order with Glamour Doll Eyes and was sent some eyeshadows for free a few months ago. And then I made another order, so I definitely have the view of someone that is a customer and someone that was sent products. Here is my review video:


These are the six shadows that I received for free.

top row, left to right: Skin of a Killer, Graves in May, Behind the Scenes
bottom row, left to right: Picture Whore, Show Off, The Perfect Cure
Skin of a Killer- The site describes this as a "pale pearly white with gold sparkle". This is a sheer, sparkly white color. I loved using this in the inner corner for intense eye brightening. The red lid means it's from the Twilight collection.

Graves in May- The site describes this as a "grey with pink undertones and multi colored shimmer". This is a really pretty smokey eye color. For some reason, on me the undertones really came out when I used it dry and the shade turned a hot purple color. I didn't have the problem when I used it wet though.
Behind the Scenes is a classic "Yuliya" color. The site describes it as a "metallic-ish brown with gold and bronze sparkle". It's a gorgeous netural lid color.

Picture Whore is described as a " light metallic-ish pink with black undertones and silver sparkle". This color is a really pretty purple toned color. This is another color that gave me issues though. For some reason, it turned hot pink on my lid when it was dry, but was normal when used wet.

Show Off is a "medium sparkly brown". This reminds me of MAC's Mulch and Tempting. Those shades and this color are amazing when used in the outer corner and crease. I was previously nervous about using a loose shadow in the crease but this worked very nicely with no fallout.
The Perfect Cure is another Twilight Shadow. It's described as a "medium brown with a low sheen, almost matte, with a tiny bit of gold and green sparkle". It's another amazing golden lid color like Behind the Scene but The Perfect Cure has less shimmer.

top row, left to right: Skin of a Killer, Graves in May, Behind the Scenes
bottom row, left to right: Picture Whore, Show Off, The Perfect Cure

Recently, Glamour Doll Eyes had a "jar makeover". The old jar is on the left and the new one is on the right. The new jar has a different design and the name of the color is no longer on the lid. The products are the same, but the packaging was revamped. 

On the new jars, the name of the shade is on the bottom.

These are the colors I had purchased myself in a recent order.
left to right: Dazzle Me, Katie's Storm, Chocoholic, Pistol Pistol

Dazzle Me- This is a gorgeous neutral subtle lid shade. It's described as a "light beigish sheen with silver shimmer". This color was inspired by Michele1218, one of my favorite enablers.

Katie's Storm- This is described as a "light to medium gray with a bit of sparkle". This is a nice, light grey color that would work nicely for a smoked out eye.

Chocoholic- This shade is described as a "deep brown copper color". Since I used some of the other colors in the crease without any trouble or fall out, I wanted to get another dark, chocolate brown to use it for that. This brown has lots of red tones to it.

Pistol Pistol: This shade is described as a "blackened silver (almost gunmetal) with multi colored shimmer, but mainly red shimmer". It's a gorgeous gunmetal, smokey color.

left to right: left to right: Dazzle Me, Katie's Storm, Chocoholic, Pistol Pistol

Overall, I highly recommend Glamour Doll Eyes. I love the quality of the shadows and that even though thy are loose shadows, you get no fallout. All of the shade descriptions I used it from the website. It's nice to have accurate descriptions so that you can get what you expected when you receive your order. Also, the customer service is amazing. Any problem or question I had, Vee, the owner, was more than happy to help on twitter.

If you are ordering, I recommend being patient since it is just one person working on everything. In a way, it's refreshing to know you are getting something handmade and done by one person and not something massly produced by many people.

You can buy GDE products at

Will you be checking out the site?  Have you tried GDE already and love it as much as I do?


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great post I have to go and check out GDE to see what's new :)

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