Monday, January 24, 2011

Cutiegingerbread Beauty Ballot #3

Thank you to everyone that voted in the last Cutiegingerbread Beauty Ballot!

The last question was "What makeup do you apply first in your beauty routine?". According to the results, 62.96%  apply their face makeup first, 37.04% apply their eye makeup first, and not a single vote for lips. As I mentioned in the post, I apply my eye makeup first because in case there is fallout I can clean it up with a qtip and makeup remover without disturbing my face makeup. As I can see from the poll, it is a personal decision of most likely preference. Also as Ashleigh said in the comments, if she had to choose one in a hurry, she would  "rather have a face on with minimal makeup and not a full eye look and no foundation".

Here is this week's question:

Thank you for voting!


Ashleigh Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Other than the obvious reasons, I love shopping Sephora because there's so many different brands...and with the trend of drugstore stuff costing only $2 or $3 less than "high end" stuff, I'd rather spend the extra couple dollars for something a little higher quality.

This doesn't mean that I completely obliterated buying drugstore stuff...I still buy some things, especially to fill my kit, from the drugstore.

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