Sunday, October 17, 2010

Color Club Untamed Luxury Swatches

Hey loves!

Ever since I first saw the Color Club Untamed Luxury Collection, I have been obsessed with it! It look like the perfect fall colors and on my youtube channel, I've gone as far as describing it as the Naked palette of fall nail polish, the colors I got especially, in that these are all the colors you would probably need if you weren't such an addict! I got the first 7-pack from Transdesign for $17.43. Amazing deal!

Ironically, the Naked palette is in the background =]

This is my first attempt at nail swatches so excuse my amatuer-ness!

Pretty in Platinum- This is a light silver. The application was amazing! I could almost get away with one coat but this was two coats just to even out.

Wild Orchid- This color is like a concrete grey with some subtle silver shimmer. This color was more sheer and required three coats to even out.

Positively Posh- The picture makes this color seem a little darker but it is a milk chocolate color. This was another one of the sheerer colors and needed three coats.

Soft as Cashmere- This is a khaki-grey-beige type of color. For some reason, the camera made it more green/olive toned. Another sheer one, three coats.

Nothing but Truffle- This is a brown with strong red/gold shimmers and irridescence. The gold doesn't quite show up on the nails. This has an amazing formula and only needed two coats.

Jewel of a Girl- This color is pretty similar to Nothing but Truffle but it is a deep red, where Nothing but Truffle is more brown. Both are gorgeous, deep colors. This one had a great formula and needed two coats.

Ready to Royal- This is a deep, deep purple. The application was a little iffy but still was opaque in two coats.

I only have half the collection but my overall view on this part of the collection is very positive. Like I said, these are amazing basic colors for fall and I highly recommend checking out this collection.

Thank you for reading <3
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