Thursday, December 9, 2010

Free Zoya Color Spoon Friday!- Tomorrow only

Sheesh, I've been posting about Zoya a lot lately, but I can't help it! Zoya are having a promotion tomorrow where you can get 6 free Zoya color spoons. Just add the color spoons to your cart and use code SP6 at checkout.

 source: Scrangie

Color spoons are basically sample swatches, think of it like a single nail swatch on a nail wheel. They actually use the nail polish for the swatch so it's an accurate representation of what it'll look like. The spoons cost $.50, which isn't too bad, and while they aren't a multi use product (in that you get it, see the color and that's pretty much it lol), you get free shipping on them and then that money you spent you get credited back on a future purchase!

I urge you guys to take advantage of this because you're not losing anything, not paying to have them shipped or anything! You get an accurate representation of a color you potentially want AND it's like they're GIVING YOU a $3 credit! It's win-win!

This promo comes at a great time because Zoya is reaching 20,000 Facebook followers soon (I believe they're almost at 18,000) and when that happens, they will be giving us a code for 3 FREE Zoya polishes! So why not sample out the ones you want to get for free with this promo? =]

Will you be participating in the Free Zoya Color Spoon Friday promo? What colors are you eyeing?
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