Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Bracelet Stack (one of my favorite combos!)

Bracelet layering has been so in since the Spring! I love pairing a watch and bracelet (or braceletS-plural haha!). I know this blog is more beauty/polish but I thought I might throw in a fashion-y post here and there since I've been leaning towards that obsession lately. Let me know what you think of more fashion type posts! =]

My combo of the day:

left to right: Forever 21 turquoise bracelet, Bauble Bar champagne bracelet, Tiffany charm bracelet, GUESS  watch

I love the combo of the color with a bit of neutral. The Bauble Bar bracelet was actually a sweet gift from when I went to visit their HQ office. I got to check out their gorgeous office (so much inspiration all around them!) and meet the person that tweets for them! (who is gorgeous!) I actually have a post coming up of a promo they're doing so stay tuned! Here is their site:

The turquoise bracelet is another favorite of mine, it brings a nice "pop" with a mix of blue and green. Each of these are my favorite pieces alone (such as my watch that I wear daily) and when I wear them together, it's extra wrist happiness!

Do you layer your bracelets? What are your favorite pieces to stack?


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Very cute! Love your bracelets!

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