Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bauble Bar Promo- $10 OFF!

Yesterday I posted about one of my favorite Bracelet Stacks  featuring a bracelet from Bauble Bar! I found out about this company through Twitter. One thing I noticed about them is their "company Twitter practices". We have all seen those company Twitter accounts that just promote their brand, don't reply to anyone, and just RT all the good things anyone says about them. The tweeter for Bauble Bar (who I met and is SO sweet!) actually interacts with people that talk to the brand. In addition to finding out about their latest additions to the site, they also tweet about general fashion drool worthy-ness. I'm a big fan of companies that listen to and interact with their customers, not just push products.

They are currently having a promo right now! Make an account and get $10 off your first purchase. 

Their jewelry are a great way to have a unique, trendy piece without sacrificing the quality (ahem Forever 21). They are more expensive that the typical trend jewelry (F21, H&M) but they will last you much longer than those because they are made with quality materials! 

Here are some pieces I'm eyeing (sorry the pics are so small, if I made them bigger the quality would be distorted):

Dazzle Bead Wrap

Bead Quartz Wrap (omg their wrap bracelets are gorgeous!)

Silver Pebble Studs
Navy Cluster Bracelet

They have free shipping on all orders over $30 and free returns! You can get a great deal on some cute pieces with this promo.

You can purchase this jewelry at

Have you ever purchased from Bauble Bar? Will you be taking advantage of this promo? What do you think of their jewelry?


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