Tuesday, April 12, 2011

MAC Fashion Flower Collection (Info and Wishlist)

I made some posts a while ago sharing the information of MAC Collections and what I wanted from them. I haven't done posts like that recently because honestly, the past months' collections sucked. I kept seeing swatches of poor pigmentation and just wondered if anyone at MAC was even looking at the products they were putting out. However, the next few collections have me excited for what's to come and hoping that they are good quality!

Also, maybe some of you have noticed that MAC collection info has been coming out closer to the release date as opposed to before when they would come out months in advance. From what I understand, MAC has placed a ban on leaked information so now the collection details come out much closer to the release date. I can see why MAC would do this but as a consumer, I'm very frustrated. I think they are playing on the "limited edition hype" and hoping that people buy more in a frenzy that things will sell out. I would much prefer to save up, especially when sometimes multiple collections come out in one day. Sorry for the rant and now onto the info! =]

I have bolded in pink what I am eyeing.

MAC Cosmetics Fashion Flower Colour Collection
5 May 2011 [US/Canada]
June 2011 [international]

Lipstick $14.50/$17.50
Summer Shower - Light aqua (Glaze)
Mlle - Light white pink (Glaze)
Ever hip - Bright creamy coral (Creemsheen)
Growing Tend - Mid-tone taupe nude (Amplified Creme)

Lipgelee $14.50/$17.50
Now in Season - Pale yellow with pearlized pigment
Fashionflower - Pale pink with pearlized pigments
Budding Beauty - Pale coral with pearlized pigments

Eyeshadow $14.50/$17.50
Lucky Green - Frosted mid-tone lime (VP)
Fresh Daisy - Frosted mid-tone yellow white (Frost)
Bows&Curtsey - Metallic hunter green (Satin)
Aqua - Aqua blue (Matte)
Free to be - Bright true coral (Matte)
Groundcover - Mid-tone warm grey (Matte) !! This sounds so nice if you guys are lovers of taupes!

Studio fix lash $14.00/$17.00
Bold Black  - Deep intense black 
Penultimate eye liner $17.50/$21.00
Rapid black - Pure black

Beauty powder $25.00/$30.00
Light sunshine - Pastel neutral pink with soft gold and pink sparkles 
Alpha girl - Soft peachy pink with gold nuances 

I'm sure most of my wishlist is quite predicable lol. I'm excited to check out this collection and possibly pick up some items! There is some other summer collection information out so I will be sure to post on those as well.

Are you excited for the MAC Fashion Flower Collection? What's on your wishlist?


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