Monday, November 22, 2010

ORLY Cosmic FX Collection Swatches & Mail Haul

I know I'm MONTHS late with this ORLY collection. I considered getting a few colors from this collection but was hesitant as it's $10 on transdesign. Luckily I had won the entire collection from the ORLY twitter! I was so excited to get it (nail polish addiction being fed!) and I want to share with you guys swatches so that you can maybe decide if you want any of the colors.


Halley's Comet- this is a gorgeous mermaid-y blue/green color. The depth is absolutely amazing and in a word, it's: GORGEOUS! However, not too unique (spoiler to the next pic). This was two coats.

Zoya's Charla is a dead on dupe for ORLY's Halley's Comet. I swatched them side by side in this picture to compare. Index and ring finger- Charla, Middle and pinky finger- Halley's Comet. Can you even tell the difference? If you have one you definitely don't need the other.

Lunar Eclipse- Ah, hello royal navy/purple prettiness. This is a beautiful color and I love blues so I definitely love this one. However, I do not love that it's on the sheer side. This needed three coats.

It's Not Rocket Science- This is an olive-y yellow/ green. It's my least favorite color wise just because I hate those puke-y green colors. That is just my personal preference in terms of color. The formula was good, though, and it only needed two coats.

Space Cadet- This is a red/green/gold color. It's more green and has a red shine to it. This was also sheerer and needed three coats. According to temptalia, it is a dupe for MAC's Mean & Green from the Venomous Villians collection. 

Out Of This World- This is a deep purple with some gold shimmers in it. It's one of those deep, dark fall/winter colors. This was two coats.

Galaxy Girl-  This is a gorgeous purple that has a red shine to it, it's another dark fall and winter color. According to temptalia, this is a dupe for MAC's Formidable nail polish from the Venomous Villians collection.

Overall, the collection is STUNNING. I realize I used "gorgeous" a lot in the descriptions but the colors truly are! Some of them have an amazing duochrome-y shine to them that makes them so beautiful. There are some MAC Venomous Villians dupes that are great if you missed out on the collection or just didn't want to pay for the MAC (as the ORLY is cheaper).
I mentioned these nail polishes in my recent video where I show a "mail haul".  I'm a weirdo and LOVE getting packages in the mail. That's part of the fun of online shopping for me, opening the packages! There's soemthing about it that it feels like opening a gift (when I might have just bought it for myself hehe)

Here is my latest video where I show various things I've gotten in the mail recently. Some thing are from blogsales (can't resist blogsales! lol), some are twitter giveaway prizes, and a gift from a sweet friend!

Did you get anything from the ORLY Cosmic FX collection? Is anything catching your eye? And are you a mail loving weirdo like me? lol


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