Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 4- 5/4/10

So today was pretty blah: school, work...u know lol. Nothing terribly exciting. I did get a chance to get my necklace repaired so that was nice.

If you watch my videos, ever since January, I've been wearing the same butterfly necklace.

This necklace is very important to me as it was an anniversary present from my boyfriend (which happens to fall on the same day as his birthday haha). I loved it ever since he gave me a sneak peak (in exchange for a sneak peak to his gift of course lol). I've worn it every single day since he gave it to me. (By the way, I've gottensome questions about it but have no clue where he got it, sorry!)

I had noticed a couple stones fell out so I got some replacements and had them fixed at work (working for a jewelry company has its benefits lol).

I also dropped it off at a place to have it polished so I am currrently with out it until Thursday =[ I know it's a couple of days but after wearing it everyday for almost 4 months, it feels like a part of me. Now my neck is sad and lonely =[ (I'm so lame lol)

Here's where she (yes SHE) sleeps:

It's actually a candle holder that I got from Michael's a week after I got the necklace. But me and my bf agree it looks like it was made for it =]

I think you guys have already caught on...that I'm a cheeseball LOL (if not, you will!)

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