Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 12-5/12/10

Sorry for missing day 12 yesterday, I came home so exhausted that after I watched SVU I passed out with my clothes, jewelry, and makeup on (I was a bit tired lol)

This picture is actually a serendipitous (hehe insertation of favorite word- which means fortunate accident) one. My phone decided to go to camera mode somehow and this picture was snapped to my surprise. But I found it very appropriate so it's my picture for day 12.

I find this picture very interesting because it seems that msot of my life has to do with a keyboard: school, assignments, work, youtube, blogspot, twitter even the one on my blackberry. I can type pretty fast and that's becuase I've had a keyboard under my fingers since I was 10.

Just an interesting observation =]


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