Thursday, December 3, 2009

Late Night Update & Yum and Yuck 2

Hi, loves!! Long time! Haha

*insert usual apologizing for neglecting blog* =]

So as I sit here working on a speech for my communications class, I wanted to take a break and give you guys a little update.

Everything's pretty much been crazy busy! It's my last 2 1/2 weeks of the semester, which equals papers, presentations, finals, and all the other gross and stressful stuff. I've just been going to school and working.

Oh,and somehow managed to get sick along the away. I'm not surprised...stress+cold weather+my tendency to ALWAYS get sick before finals= disaster.

But I'm fighting through all this and in 3 weeks, I'll be freeeeee. =]

I have not forgotten about you guys! I do update my youtube often (not as often as I'd like =\) and tweet CONSTANTLY! haha I promise to blog more and post more videos once this madness is OVER!

In the meantime, I've had a request to post another Yum & Yuck post so here goes:


1. Highlight colors on the lid. I've been LOVING the effect of this. This with my usual eyeliner and mascara combo is love.
2. The end of the semester being close! Haha I can almost taste it!
3. Loving and supportive subscribers/followers. I appreciate every single one of you and you guys seriously mean the world to me =]
4. Loving and supportive people in my life in general! I have really been learning who's in my life out of love and who's there not so much. I have amazing friends that I care about, my boyfriends amazing, my family's great. I'm very stressed out right now and I really appreciate those little things that brighten my day =]


1. This is a big one: STRESSSSSSSS!!!!! nuff said? ;)
2. The fact that this semester has been one big ball of stress. I feel like I haven't had a free moment since it started. *phew* haha



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