Friday, August 27, 2010

Ins and Outs

Oh well hi, neglected blog =] How are you loves? I realize I haven't updated in..quite some time! Incase any of you are not aware, I update my Youtube and Twitter FAR more often than my blog. SORRY BLOG!

Anyway, so after a while, how about I update you guys on my Ins and Outs...

- Amazing people- I am so thankful for the support from not only people in my "real" life but from everyone on youtube and twitter! It's so great to be surrounded by positive energy and I find that's one of the most important things in life!
- Nice, breezy weather- After NYC's humidity and then rain...some nice calm, sunnyness has made me oh, so happy!
-Nail Polish- HI! I'm obsessed! I'm 2 or 3 polishes away from a filled nail polish rack! EEK! That speaks for itself lol I love getting nail polish, using it, admiring get the point =]

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-Inspiration- I love being inspired and excited to do something. Whether it's a new look, new product, anything! The adrenaline of inspiration is amazing! One blog I will mention that I LOVE and am SO inspired by is .  I love Emily's writing, her looks, and her wisdom. I've also been talking to her on twitter and  she's just such a sweet and gorgeous girl.  Definitely check out her blog as she JUST made a comeback (which I was soo excited about hehe).

-Back to school supplies- I know...DORK! haha There's just something about the supplies that have me so excited! Especially planners =]

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-Express- I have been obsessed with this store! I can list 53475935 different ways it's better than stores like Forever 21 and H&M but how about: soft quality, great fit, HAPPY FACES ON EMPLOYEES lol

 - Negativity- I hate seeing it or hearing it! Whether it is people putting others down, or people putting THEMSELVES down....I just don't want to see it! I love positive energy, it's a lot more productive!
- MAC collections- Although I did get a few items from the Fabulous Felines collection..I'm disappointed in the rest of it AND MAC's collections overall. It saddens me that they settles for quantity over quality.
- Long hours- This is going to be an upcoming out. My schedule for this semester will be 9am -7pm from Mon to Thurs everyday including school and work. Can we get a "phew"?

Thank you for those that have been following my blog! I appreciate it so much and thank you for reading! <3


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