Thursday, August 13, 2009

Feeling Motivated

Those of you that are subscriber of my YouTube (My Channel Link), I am temporarily without my Macbook because of my own accident. I spilled milk on my macbook and it is now not turning on. I've done this with water and it took 3 days for it to dry and turn on. It's been 1.5 days now. So I am literally crying over spilled milk here =] So I am on my work computer.

Anyway, so I was on vacation in the Dominican Republic and came back a few days ago. It was gorgeous there and so relaxing. Exactly what I needed. And I came back motivated to "improve" my life.

1. I want to lose weight. Not some radical diet and intense workout because this will only discourage me. I want to aspire to a healty lifestyle.

2. Spend less. Hi my name is Yuliya and I'm a shopoholic. Looking at my bank account and shopping habits depresses me. I'm at the point where I shop and am no longer happy about purchases, but guilty. I have put myself on a $20 a week shopping budget. That's enough for me and will give me time to appreciate what I have and save money.

3. Be less stressed. My sleeping schedule in DR consisted of going to sleep at 11 pm. I like this and it makes me feel much better than the usual 3 am.

Glad to be back to blogger, but missing YouTube =\


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aww Yuliya, you spilled milk on your macbook? i hope it gets better soon :) lol. I think you can achieve these 3 goals. You did "project less buy" with no problem.

There was a point where i would go shopping and not be happy with purchases. That has changed recently because u know what situation i'm in, so yea.

Go Yuliya! You can do it!

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