Sunday, July 5, 2009

Blogging vs. Youtube-ing

I have been following both youtube and bloggers for a while and have been appreciating both. However there are some differences.

1) Blogging is the more straight forward of the two. It seems more professional. You do not have to sit through an introduction and ramble in case the person cannot make their point. Also, blogging sometimes allows for a close, clearer view. Being someone that makes her videos through a webcam, I can appreciate the fact that the quality is not as clear as a camera.

2) Youtube-ing, however, allows for a more personal look into a person's opinion. There's something much different when you watch someone explain rather than read their description.

I do bothand abolutely adore both. I am sorry I neglect this blog a lot but that will change, I promise! =]

P.S. No-buy is going strong! 15 more days!

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