Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happiness Comes in Many Forms

First of all, I wanted to thank all of you for your feedback on my last post. It's meant a lot to me and has shown just how supportive and positive all of you are :)

I've been having a rough week and little thing I can find happiness in has been much appreciated. I'm so thankful for the great people in my life right now (boyfriend, friends, family, and last but not least YOU GUYS!)

I saw this quote on Gemma's blog . I love her blog and youtube, so feel free to follow/ subscribe to her =]
I adore Audrey Hepburn, she's such a bright and happy person and reading her words makes it contagious.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Can't We All Just Get Along?

I'm going to try to make this as less of a rant as possible.

Maybe it's because I've been going through a bit of a low period this week due to getting in a fight with a close friend of mine, but I've been seeing so much negativity in the Youtube/Blogger world lately.

Don't get me wrong, I know there's been hate and negative remarks going around for a long time. I've been a participant and observer (wow, Sociology major much? lol) of these communities for almost 2 years (and have been making videos for a little over 1 year) and I am well aware that hate will happen just because it is the internet and some people just have nothing better to do.

I just see so many ridiculous and honestly, stupid, comments all over. Who cares if someone says "um", has moles, spends their hard earned money on products that make them happy, etc. No one would EVER go up to someone on the street and say all these things to someone. I've never had someone look at my bag in Sephora and say "OMG you're buying ALL off that??" I'm sure none of you have had this either. The aspect of anonymity is a big thing on the internet. You're here typing behind a screen where you don't have to look at anyone in the face to show them just how insecure you are about yourself that you have to insult somebody.

Yesterday in particular seemed to be a big day for negativity, in my opinion. Especially with the article by an individual that condemned bloggers and youtubers because they are not professionals (I won't post a link, if you're curious please google it). What so many people forget is that for most of us, this is a HOBBY. It's something I do to relax, interact, and connect with individuals that share my passion for beauty and fashion. Who cares if I say "um", own a lot of makeup, have bad lighting...whatever.

Unless someone is saying something incredibly offensive (I don't see how anything in makeup can be offensive, really) or insulting you in anyway, why say something incredibly pointless? If you don't like a blog/channel/individual in any way, why are you showing them support by subscribing/following yet posting comments meant to hurt them? And even if you just stumbled on the video, why continue watching if you don't share the passion? I just really don't see the point.

Not only is this a hobby, it's a community. The definition of a community is "a social, religious, occupational, or other group sharing common characteristics or interests". If we all share common interests and passions, why not embrace that? If you don't share this passion, why are you participating in the community?

I have been asked by people who want to start their own channel how I "deal with the hate". First of all, it's rare that I get a negative comment. When I do, it's usually from a weirdo that stumbled across my page. What do I do? I LAUGH. I think it's funny whenever someone wastes time from their life to say something that doesn't have an effect on me anyway. Like I said, no one would say such remarks to you in "real life".

If you are afraid of starting videos because you are afraid of hate, DON'T BE! First of all, it's very unlikely you will get hate when you first start out and by the time you get a negative comment, you will have so much support and positive comments from genuine viewers that they will definitely outweigh the one lone person that is looking for attention.

This post isn't directed at any one individual in particular, just a type of individual and the negativity they attempt to spread.

Thank you to everyone that shows me such amazing support (on my youtube, twitter, and on here). Your positivity and love makes this all worth it. Keep being the great, sweet, and gorgeous people you are. <3

Monday, February 8, 2010

DILEMMA- Opinions please!

Ok, this isn't life or death....but you ladies are beauty addicts, you understand ;)

So my last post was about the Longchamp purse and how much I LOVED that bag. A week later, I still do, if not more. There's just something about it. It's sleek (can bags be sleek? haha), it holds all I need to stuff into it, it doesn't way down my shoulder. I can go on forever(I promise this isn't just another musing about this amazing bag).

So my dilemma: I mentioned that I was saving up for the LV Neverfull MM. I have been in love with that bag for months now. It's chic, classic, roomy. Hm. Sound familiar? In my previous post, someone mentioned that they were happy I found an alternative to the Neverfull, however my intention was to have the bag as a filler bag until I buy my Neverfull. Now, the more I think about it...aren't they really similar?

OBVIOUSLY, it's different material, brand, name, etc...but, let's observe:

They're shapes are kind of similar even (anybody also think so?)

So, I know you're thinking...what's the dilemma you need an opinion on?? Well, do I really need both?

Here are some neutral facts: 

1. I was looking for a sturdy, roomy bag I can use for everything (school, life, etc.), and I found one. 
2. I was dying to be able to save up for the Neverfull and have that pride of having earned it on my own. 
3. I HATE switching up bags. I get so used to a purse, and with it haha. Also, I ALWAYS forget something in the bag I take things out of. So when I get the Neverfull, I just know I'll neglect my Longchamp. That'll hurt it's feeling, won't it? (lol)

I'm a little confused (and sorry if I've confused you now haha). I would love your opinions and inputs. Do you have both? How do they compare? Do you have one of them? What's your favorite thing about it?


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Purse Love!

I have never had a good quality purse that has lasted more than a year or so. I LOVE big bags and always fill them to their breaking point (LITERALLY!). I use the smae purses and totes for school and everywhere else so a heavy duty one is much needed.

My regular one was reaching its end so I decided that now's the time. I have been lemming for the Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM!

I've been saving for this bag for a long time and hope to buy it on my birthday (May 29th). In the meantime, I needed a bag for school and I've heard very good things about this one. I've always thought it was a bit plain but owning one has definitely changed my mind. Ladies (and gentlemen), I introduce to you, my newest addition:

The Longchamp Le Pliage Large ($145) in Black

This bag is PERFECTION. I'm sure you've seen them before, in NY they're VERY popular ("go to 4 stores because it's out of stock" popular haha)

1. It's HUGE! I stuffed it so much and it still has room for more!
2. Perfect for school, with textbooks, notebooks, makeup bags, etc. a big bag is much needed.
3. It's durable. I've heard this this is rainproof and breakproof. The straps seem very strong (leather) and the bag itself is Nylon. I've read of people having it for years and still being useable. That's great for me!
4. It's very lightweight. As much as I've stuffed in it, it feels amazingly light and doesn't weigh me down one bit.

1. I guess you can say it's plain. I love my shiny and bedazzled bags, but this is definitely classic. So as much as that is a con, I can use it when I'm a little too old for bedazzlement, if that happens ;).
2. No side pockets. My favorite old purse had two side pockets. One that held my keys, and the other my phone. They were VERY convenient and I got so used to that. This bag has one small front inner pocket so that's where my phone/key have migrated to.

Do you have this bag? Do you love it? How has it treated you?

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